Meet Melissa

Melissa was born and raised in Dubois, Pennsylvania. Over the last fifteen years Melissa has been involved in many types of ministry. Seven years ago she became licensed as a minister through Acts Fellowship International [Randall Grier Ministries], and five years ago God called her into fulltime ministry. 

In the last five years Melissa has traveled as an evangelist and missionary in America and all over the world. Her time overseas has included more than three years living and working in Saint Petersburg, Russia, with young people who have been living on the street and come from severe addiction and abuse backgrounds. For Melissa there is no greater joy than to help others find the same healing and restoration in the loving arms of Jesus that has so transformed her own life. 

Melissa also travels speaking at women’s conferences, working with youth outreaches, leading worship, and performing concerts of original music. Every day is a new adventure and opportunity to go anywhere that God will lead! 

You can follow Melissa Sylvis on Facebook for current events, weekly Bible study posts, ministry updates and LOTS of pictures! 

Some pictures from Melissa's Facebook page.


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